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Weekly green cart returns end of April

Weekly green cart pickup returns the last week of April. Check your schedule at calgary.ca/collection and sign up for reminders, including email, phone or download the Calgary Garbage Day app.

While you’re preparing your yard or garden for spring, fill your green cart first, then put extra yard waste in paper yard waste bags. Roll tops of bags closed and set at least two feet to the side of your green cart for collection.

Compost giveaway
Compost will be available for pickup from April 15 to June 1, 2024, by appointment only. Planning is underway and the appointment booking tool will be available on calgary.ca/compost by April 9.

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The Landscape Enhancement Appreciation Fund (LEAF) program

Hi Sherwood Community residents,

SCA is embarking on an exciting quest. We intend to apply for the Landscape Enhancement Appreciation Fund (LEAF) program and are tasked with recruiting a 50-volunteer committee to help with the collection of signatures to initiate the application. Many communities around our neighborhood are part of this LEAF Program, which brings value to your home, community appearance, pride of ownership, and safety. A community engaged is a community looking out for each other.

The LEAF Program will help with the entrance, BLVDS, pathways, green spaces, soccer fields, school fields, cul-de-sacs, tot lots, islands—more benches for taking in the view.

The city is not responsible for planting flowers, replacing trees, controlling weeds, and mowing green spaces, but the community is, and it benefits all in the community.Please sign up on the community website ( https://loveeyeat.com/volunteer-opportunity/enhanced-landscaping-maintenance-leaf-program/ ) 

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Storm Ponds – Reminder to Stay off the Ice

Storm ponds are not intended for recreational use. The water in storm ponds is constantly flowing with fluctuating water levels and contains pollutants. For the health and safety of the public several activities are prohibited, including swimming, skating, boating, fishing and fish stocking.

Storm Ponds are natural looking man-made facilities designed to collect runoff following either a rainfall or snowmelt event.
Besides helping to mitigate local flooding, the 200 plus ponds that The City currently operates and maintains, improves the quality of water that eventually reaches the rivers.

Storm ponds or wet ponds collect water and run-off from the storm water system, trapping sediment and pollutants such as oils and chemicals from driveways and roadways, fertilizer, pesticides, and sediments and debris from roads and underdeveloped areas, helping return cleaner water to rivers and streams. These ponds are a vital part of Calgary’s storm water system.

For more information please visit calgary.ca/stormpond.

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